Welcome to Elisava Shop, the place where we can share with you student’s projects, publications and merchandising of Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

Elisava, the Design and Engineering faculty of UVic-UCC, promotes education, knowledge and research in the fields of design, communication and engineering. Located in Barcelona, Elisava has trained more than 20,000 students in its 60-year history, with the skills needed to design products, services and environments that contribute towards creating a more environmentally responsible, inclusive and community-focused society. 

We offer Undergraduate, Master, postgraduate and specialized courses in the fields of design, engineering and communication. At Elisava there are two degrees (the Undergraduate Degree

in Design and Innovation and the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering), a wide variety of Masters and Postgraduate programmes and the University Master’s Degree in Design and communication, the first official Master in Design in Spain. 

Together with Elisava Research, the school develops projects with companies, institutions and NGOs to generate and transfer knowledge, address present and future challenges and foster change. We collaborate with partners like Adidas, Arrels Foundation, Danone, Doctors Without Borders, elBullifoundation, Fútbol Club Barcelona, IKEA, MACBA, MUJI, Nespresso, Primavera Sound, Roca, SEAT, Telefónica and Vitra, among others. 

For more information you can visit our website, www.elisava.net