Temes de Disseny #38
Temes de Disseny #38
Temes de Disseny #38
Temes de Disseny #38

Temes de Disseny #38


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Temes de Disseny #38. Caring Through Design: From Personal to Planetary Well-being

Guest Editors: Ricardo Guasch, PhD, Elisabet Silvestre, Danielle Wilde, Anna Del Corral
Co-editors in Chief: Laura Clèries, PhD, Oscar Tomico, PhD
Managing editor: Guim Espelt, PhD
Publisher: Elisava Research
Design: Studio Albert Romagosa
Year: 2022
ISSN: 2604-9155

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Temes de Disseny #38 addresses the complex issue of health and human well-being.It explores how design and engineering can help by providing more meaningful, healthy and caring spaces, personal devices and interactions that promote well-being and, in turn, can make the world a better place.

The issue looks at how design-related disciplines can promote care and well-being on different levels and encourages the establishment of connections between personal and planetary well-being while addressing technological, environmental, medical, ethical and behavioural anthropological perspectives.