Temes de Disseny #39
Temes de Disseny #39
Temes de Disseny #39
Temes de Disseny #39

Temes de Disseny #39


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Temes de Disseny #39. Emerging Habitats: Design as a Worldmaking Agent

Guest Editors
Roger Paez, PhD, Mariana Amatullo, PhD
Co-editors in Chief:
Laura Clèries, PhD, Oscar Tomico, PhD
Managing editor: Guim Espelt,
Publisher: Elisava Research
Design: Studio Albert Romagosa
Year: 2023
ISSN: 2604-9155

icon-plus Description

Temes de Disseny #39 explores emerging habitats and design as a worldmaking agent across a variety of scales, settings and disciplines. Can design leverage its worldmaking potential, using its symbolic and operative apparatuses to proliferate various versions of the world? Can design maintain and even multiply plural worlds in the face of global homogenisation?

Contributing authors manifest these fundamental and intertwined questions through a rich and diverse set of contributions compiled from radical design practices, applied research, case studies, practice-based reflections, and pictorials that are far-reaching in their intersectionality and forward orientation.